Who we are and what we do?

IT PROvocator is company specialized in providing services in the field of IT recruitment and consultancy towards IT companies and teams. The service that we provide is based on deep understanding, practical experience and knowledge of the IT business and all its specifics. IT PROvocator could be your trustworthy partner partner in setting up entirely new teams as well as growing already existing teams. Our cooperation aims at reaching a common goal – on one hand, hiring suitable IT professionals dedicated to your business in the long term, and on the other hand – creating a working environment which would further develop the IT specialists’ skills and give them the feeling of “being in the right place, at the right time”. Our technical recruiters are the “IT PRO” guides who will consult, direct and support every IT professional who is ready to taka the next career step. With them you could talk about the important things - from microservices to remote opportunities and everything that is essential for you and your work.

IT PROvocator chooses an individual, proactive and technology-driven approach leading to a long-term contribution and growth for the business and the people. Our goal is to build long-term relationships in order to be beneficial in every step of the development of the companies and of the IT professionals

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IT PROvocator’s mission is to assert the meaning, the value and the benefit of providing competent and speciliased IT recruitment service among the high-tech companies and professionals within the IT Industry. We assist in the interaction between the software companies and the IT experts. We help you take informed decisions. The result – everyone is where they feel professionally satisfied and have the greatest contribution, and high-tech companies possess the security and confidence that they are developing their business with the right professionals in their teams.


IT PROvocator‘s goal is to establish new standards in the IT Recruitment profession. We strive to create a recruitment model, applicable worldwide and to achieve new levels of productivity among the companies, career satisfaction and a fulfilling professional development for the people.





Уникално отношение! Страхотни хора, много съм доволен от резултата, който имам благодарение на работата си с тях. Професионализъм и отношение на едно място. Наистина искрени благодарности за абсолютно всичко! Хора, изпълнени с позитивизъм, искащи да разберат точно какво търсиш и ти помагат да го намериш. Благодарен съм, че познавам такива хора! :) Желая ви успех!

Krasimir Mladenov

JavaScript Developer
ITPROvocator is the right place! Trust me. Amazing professional approach with attention to every detail on every step. The process was very smooth. The team paid attention to every priority I had. All of them were extremely positive, with very good technical knowledge to build the right profile of me and match the best place for my future career development. Thank you for your effort!

Rosen Dobrev

Java Developer
Oстанах приятно изненадан от задълбочеността и разбирането, с което IT PROvocator подходи към уменията и потенциала ми за по-добра реализация. Смятам, че с тяхна помощ взех добро решение за себе си.

Антон Донев

JavaScript Developer