IT Recruitment

IT PROvocator provides highly qualified and specialized IT recruitment services. So far, we have built partnerships with companies that are establishing new teams in Bulgaria, but we have also partnered with with already developed companies that are growing their teams with new colleagues. IT PROvocators’ service is based on IT business knowledge, precise profiling and proactive attraction of suitable professionals. To find the “missing part” of your team, we we do an in-depth analysis of your business, the development stage and the business needs of your company. We target the the specialists suitable for you considering their technical skills and business domain along with their professional needs, values and attitude towards career development

Specializing in the IT field, IT PROvocator’s service is entirely success-based and includes:

  • In-depth understanding of the business, people and technology stack
  • Covering all roles, part of SDLC, including levels from junior specialist to executive directors.
  • Variety of technological profiles and a wide network of established contacts
  • Identifying and attracting the most suitable people for your company
  • Interviewing and PROfiling
  • Providing constant feedback from the industry and the people
  • We know how to talk about your business and help you build the best name for yourself
  • Speeding up the recruitment process

Additional Services


  • For a company that has selected Bulgaria as a location for its new team, IT PROvocator could contribute with consultations in the following fields: company’s market positioning, defining the competition, most frequent technological specialization in our country and building the core of a strong and stable team. For businesses that are growing their teams in Bulgaria, IT PROvocator could assist with with constantly providing up-to-date information about the industry, roles definition, requirements and feedback from the specialists.

Market survey

  • IT PROvocator provides surveys for the current salary ranges in the sector. The ranges are in line with the technical specialization and the years of experience of the specialists; information is based on the analyses conducted on the actual expectations of professionals in the industry.


  • We can connect you with experienced software teams in order to build B2B relationships for short-term or long-term projects. IT PROvocator will assist in finding and connecting you with a suitable contractors team, with which you can further continue your partnership.