For the People

At IT PROvocator we understand the importance and the impact of every career change on your life and the professional development. Therefore, our approach is highly individual and is led by your professional and personal needs. We believe that every role that we offer to you is a higher level in your career development and you will only receive opportunities corresponding to your technological expertise and previous experience. You can easily “dive” in technological topics with our team- we will understand you. At the same time, we will align your professional priorities with the context of the roles, so you can develop your potential in the company’s team. We are interested in all factors that are important for you, we are ready to discuss them with you and by “speaking the same language” to reach a position, which will fulfill your needs and goals.

At IT PROvocator you will find:

  • Your next suitable career step.
  • Personal career consultant at every stage of your career development.
  • Interview preparation
  • Assistance in creating a professional resume
  • Accurate and clear market information which would save you time and energy for prolonged research
  • Building a long-term relationship


  • IT PROvocator’s team will support you by providing information about the industry demands, the provided salary ranges and the newest high-tech brands in Bulgaria.

Constant support and feedback

  • Working with our consultants, you will always be prepared for the hiring process and interview steps and you will receive timely feedback.

Positions based on your needs

  • IT PROvocator has access to many high-tech opportunities in Bulgaria and will present to you only those, which will meet your expectations.